Our 2020 Vision for New Flooring Products and Trends

New flooring textures, styles and innovations hit the market all the time. Choosing flooring that will stand the test of time — for durability and style — should be paramount in your thinking. With this guide, we’ll help you navigate the trends in new and innovative flooring for the coming year that will be durable and have lasting appeal.


For 2020, carpet will still rank as the most popular flooring option in the market due to versatility in price, comfort, warmth, color and style options. This year, many more stainproof and waterproof soft surfaces will become available that will continue to make carpet a highly attractive option.

Hard Surface Flooring

Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring MYSTIQUE-MAPLE-STARLIGHTHard surface flooring, especially popular here in the warmer climate of Southern California — wood, vinyl, laminate, and tile — will introduce expanded product lines for durable and stylish hardwood-like styles. In particular, laminate and vinyl products will continue to convincingly mimic the look and texture of distressed, hand-scraped, or even wire brushed wood and natural stone. Look also for lighter shades of blonde wood or simulated wood and gray-toned wood to become even more popular.




Waterproof Carpeting from Shaw

Waterproof carpet from ShawShaw Floors is a carpet manufacturer that truly backs up their claims with their patented RX2 stain and soil repellent and LifeGuard, their exclusive, patent-pending thermoplastic waterproof backing for their extensive line of beautiful carpet. Homeowners in 2020 can rest assured that when spills or pet accidents happen, they can be immediately eradicated without any lingering stain or odor. This is achieved by using advanced carpet fibers that actually wick or raise the liquid back up to the surface of the carpet to be blotted or cleaned. Meanwhile, the underlying LifeGuard backing prevents any liquid from penetrating farther down to the base flooring surface which has historically resulted in more permanent staining or lingering odor. In 2020, homeowners who want the luxuriant look and feel of carpet need no longer contend with spills and accidents that linger. Shaw carpeting products make that concern obsolete.


2020 Eco-Flooring Carpet Options

Eco-Flooring from MohawkA trend that appears to be expanding is the preference for eco-friendly flooring options and manufacturers, such as Mohawk, who is keeping up with demand by offering an expanding line of eco-friendly products. For example, they recycle billions of plastic bottles every year converting them into fiber for their beautiful line of carpet products like EverStrand.

So, in 2020, you can continue to show your support for recycling and minimizing plastic waste by installing EverStrand. It’s not only incredibly durable, but many of the EverStrand options are also incredibly beautiful and perfect for bedrooms, playrooms and other spaces in your home.


Karastan isn’t just a luxury carpeting brand anymore

In November, Mohawk announced that the Karastan brand will broaden its product line to include two unique collections of premium hardwood and luxury vinyl tile. Karastan craftsmen and design teams scoured the globe to find some truly unique materials and designs for the new line. Keep your eyes on the New York Carpets & Flooring website as these new flooring products become available.

General material and design trends to look for in 2020 — at a glance

  • More expansive flooring product offerings that are made of eco-friendly or organic materials.
  • More experimentation with mixing wide and narrow hardwood planking in floor designs, especially with more distressed woods to convey a more natural décor. Also, more implementation of both chevron and herringbone patterns; as well as laying down planking at a diagonal to give rooms a more dramatic look.
  • Wider planking in just about any flooring type which helps makes rooms look larger.
  • Larger floor tiling options in natural stone products and in porcelain tiles.
  • An expansion of lighter color options (blonde-wood or light gray shades) in laminate flooring products that are more rustic looking that’s indistinguishable from real wood and available in wider planking.
  • An even wider variety of very durable and waterproof vinyl flooring products with more realistic mimicking of natural stone or distressed hardwood with applied hand-scraped or wire-brushed treatments and thanks to improvements in surface treatment technology.
  • More 100% waterproof flooring options whether in laminates, vinyl, carpet and engineered hardwood, making many of these surfaces appropriate for kitchens and other areas where spillage, water, or moisture may occur.
  • More rustic and natural-looking flooring options – whether with real hardwood or stone or with vinyl or laminates that simulate real wood or stone.

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