Here’s What’s Cookin’ in Kitchen Flooring

It’s the one room that’s often described as the heart of any home. Where the fragrant and enticing smells of rich pasta sauces, pies, baked cookies or roast turkeys emanate. It’s where family and friends always gravitate to graze, nibble and toast to celebrate life. = Where teenagers stand transfixed in front of open refrigerators. It’s also an active room that endures heavy foot traffic where chopped veggies tumble off counters, wine, juice, and coffee spills, and bubbling and popping cooking oil splatters from saucepans. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for style for your new kitchen flooring because New York Carpets & Flooring offers you a wealth of options that achieve both. Whether wood, tile, laminate, or waterproof vinyl, — we’ll step you through some amazing, durable and attractive flooring options and highlight the benefits of each.

Things to Consider for Your New Kitchen Flooring

Durability and Maintenance
It’s no secret that some flooring surfaces can withstand what a kitchen dishes out better than others and as a result will require immediate attention if a hot or sticky sauce is spilled upon them. Some stone surfaces look great and give a kitchen an elegant, old world charm, but may need to be sealed, cleaned often and then sealed again every couple of years. Some flooring is designed to be more durable and some are even waterproof, so a lot less worry. In the flooring options that follow, we’ll indicate what will be high- versus low-maintenance.

If you like to cook, you’ll be standing and moving around your kitchen a lot as you mix ingredients, chop and dice, clean counters, rinse and load the dishwasher, and stir and check the status of what’s cooking, so you may want to consider flooring surfaces that provide a bit of cushion under your feet. Wood flooring is forgiving and can sometimes be even more cushioned depending on the material installed beneath the flooring and on top of the cement slab. Other flooring options, like vinyl, already have surfaces that are cushioned and easy on your feet.

No matter what you intend to spend on your kitchen flooring, there are virtually endless and very affordable options for colors, patterns and styles to transform it into a rich designer’s showcase. Our team at New York Carpets & Flooring can also show you what flooring options would look great based on your existing kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash.

Your Budget
Whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen or just replacing the flooring, it’s best to measure the square footage of the area (which if in an open-concept may include other adjoining areas like a dining and family room) so you have that information at the ready when considering your different flooring options. Your New York Carpets & Flooring representative will be happy to help you decide what the most practical, attractive and affordable flooring options you have for your kitchen that stays within your budget.

Best Flooring Options for your Kitchen

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles are a very affordable and an attractive option for kitchen flooring that’s also highly durable. Ceramic tile is also available with a wood-look. You’ll get the classic appearance of hardwood floors with the convenience and durability of porcelain construction. They’re available in a wide range of styles to perfectly fit any room. These finishes are more resistant to spills, staining and scratches. Additionally, if the flooring extends into a dining area, you may also want to consider how chair legs move across a high-profiled tiled surface because they can catch slightly in the recessed grouted areas as the chair moves.


With the trend to create open-concept floor plans in newer homes and remodels of older homes— hardwood flooring has been relied upon to create a seamless environment and unifying flow throughout. Hardwood has numerous benefits and many different types of woods and stains available. It’s generally softer underfoot than stone surfaces yet still incredibly durable. It is important to clean and dry spills, particularly of wine, dark sauces and the like as quickly as possible to prevent staining.


If your flooring budget is more limited, consider laminate flooring which has many of the same properties of wood flooring or even stone flooring but at more affordable prices. Laminates hold up to heavy traffic and food and drink spills better than many other surfaces and can be quickly cleaned with a simple damp cloth or paper towel. Today’s laminates expertly mimic the natural look of hardwood or natural stone or tile, so your choices are virtually endless. While some laminates feature smooth surfaces others are embossed, textured, or even show distressed surfaces giving the flooring the look of real hardwood.

Waterproof Flooring
If you still want the look, feel and durability of hardwood or stone then consider Waterproof Vinyl Flooring which is economical and very durable. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) emulates the look of stone tile while Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) emulates the look of hardwood and both are even more durable and forgiving than either stone or hardwood. This 100% waterproof flooring is a great choice for active kitchens or homes with children where spills are more likely to occur. As with laminate flooring, spills can be quickly wiped clean with just a damp paper towel. Dinnerware and some glassware also tend to survive when dropped. Some of the more attractive and durable waterproof LVT and LVP flooring can be found in our new Pergo® Extreme® line that features patterns and surface textures that look exactly like stone or real wood (even reclaimed wood).

Still Need Help? Explore All Your Kitchen Flooring Options in Person
New York Carpets & Flooring has the kitchen flooring options discussed above and much more. One of the best ways to make your final decision is to see and touch the flooring samples we have in our showroom in Anaheim. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you make the right choices for your home.

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