Carpet Is Still King

It’s no secret that hardwood flooring and laminates have gained in favor and popularity in new home design and remodeling projects. But as popular and practical as these choices are for kitchens, great rooms, laundry rooms and areas where there may be a lot of hard living, they do lack a substantial degree of warmth and luxury.

That’s why carpeting still reigns as the preferred flooring choice for living rooms, dens, bedrooms and master suites and areas of the home where elegance, peace and comfort is desired after a long day’s work.

Carpeting – An Economical Step-Up in Luxury
No other flooring surface gives a home a feeling of luxury than carpeting. Beautiful, plush wool carpet makes a statement about elegance and style that other surfaces just can’t compete with. This is a primary reason why carpeting is so prevalent in bedroom suites and living rooms. More often than not, a bedroom or living room with hard surface flooring conveys to visitors or prospective homebuyers that a compromise may have been made to save money even though many carpeting options are actually less expensive than hardwood and even laminates. That’s because carpeting has a long tradition of conveying a regal sense of elegance wherever it’s installed.

Carpeting – a Sound Investment
You deal with enough noise and craziness in your daily life, whether at work, around town, in traffic, or at school. Carpet is still the preferred choice for rooms where you want a break from all that noise and mayhem because unlike hard flooring surfaces that can reflect and amplify sound, carpet does just the opposite by dampening or absorbing soundwaves. That’s why you’ll often find carpeting in bedrooms, dens, libraries and living rooms — essentially those spaces in your home that invite you to relax, unwind, and curl up with a good book or with someone you love.

Carpeting – Comfort and Safety
Let’s face it, even here in Southern California, hard surface flooring can be cold to the touch and a shock to your system especially in the cool morning hours. Carpeting, unlike hardwood, laminate, or tile is a surface you can really sink your toes into and provides that relaxing level of comfort and warmth around your feet. It’s one of the reasons so many homeowners prefer thick, deep pile carpeting in their bedrooms.

Homeowners also feel a great measure of comfort knowing that carpet is a surface they won’t slip on and is much more forgiving when items are dropped or if they trip and fall. This cushioned surface is one of the reasons that many new parents prefer carpeting in a newborn’s nursery and even on stairs.

Clearly, carpet, unlike other surfaces, soothes the soles and offers great peace of mind.

Carpeting – Eco-Friendly and Easier-to-Clean Options
For those areas in the home where spills are most likely to occur or where there is more foot traffic, carpet options including nylon, polyester, Olefin and SmartStrand are available and provide a level of practicality. Some polyester carpeting is actually made from recycled plastic bottles and is stain resistant, so you can derive some pride in knowing that you’re doing your part in diminishing plastic in the ocean and other natural environments. Plus, you won’t need to use harsh chemicals to constantly clean your floor.

More Innovative Carpeting Options Than Ever Before
Today, you needn’t settle for plain, flat-colored carpeting. New York Carpets & Flooring has hundreds of designer carpets at various pile depths, in patterns and colors to enhance the look of any bedroom, living room, den, office or home theater. In fact, unlike other flooring wholesalers or retailers, we have plenty of flooring options in stock to accommodate any immediate residential or corporate installation need.

For more samples, please look over our in stock carpet gallery on our website or visit our beautiful showroom in Anaheim.

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