Room Design Tips for Successful Holiday Entertaining

Unlike most flooring dealers, we maintain an enormous inventory of beautiful, durable, high-quality carpet. We have to. Some of our installation projects are so big that we have to make sure we have enough of the same carpeting to cover it all. But that also means we may end up with a lot of high-quality carpet left over when a project is completed — carpet that we wouldn’t normally discount. This carpet is what we call a “remnant”. And that’s great news for you if you’re looking to save on brand-name carpet and only need to cover a room or two or a specific area and not your entire home. Here are some of the best ways we can put our remnant inventory to work for you:

A Staircase Worthy of Stare Envy

If your staircase isn’t getting the right kind of stares, perhaps your next step is to have it re-covered in rich, durable carpeting. Carpet remnants are often the perfect candidate for stairs with a relatively small surface area to cover and flexibility for cutting and fitting purposes. Plus, with our large inventory of carpet remnants in stock, we probably have just the right color and texture on hand at a more affordable price than you’ll find anywhere else.

Just One or Two Rooms, Thank You

Many homes in Southern California feature hardwood or hard-surface flooring in many of the communal areas. However, there’s always a room or two where carpet makes a lot of sense and is more practical for comfort and quiet – like a bedroom or den. When you’re not carpeting the entire home, it can make more sense to use carpet remnants, and see how much money you can save on high-quality, elegant carpet from our in-stock selection.

Just in Time for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for celebrating and showing off your home and adding attractive area rugs might be just the solution to create a festive and colorful ambiance this season. Area rugs are great for dining, living and family rooms or other common areas and offer protection to your existing flooring from spilled food or drinks. Your guests will also find that a thick area rug creates a cozy and inviting space to curl up on the floor near the fireplace or near a coffee table resplendent with appetizers.

Our carpet remnant selection makes for beautiful area rugs in a number of shapes and sizes, custom to your room, from high-quality, brand name products. Remnants can be quickly made from any of our Karastan® or Anderson Tuftex® or other quality brands, most of which are part of the Stainmaster® Deluxe Collection because it’s always better to plan for spills rather than be shocked by them.

See All of Our Remnant Options and Area Rugs in Our Showroom

Not only do we have remnants of our most attractive and popular carpets, but they can also be cut and finished to any size or shape, are very affordable, and can be installed or made into a rug very quickly. Have a need for an area rug in a precise color, texture, size or shape? Feel free to bring in some photos of the room you’re looking to transform, and we will recommend the best remnant for the occasion. Visit our showroom in Anaheim and let’s get started.

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