Flooring That Enhances the Value of Your Home

You may have arrived at that point when you need to replace your old flooring. The hardwood may be scratched and sun-faded, the carpeting worn down, stained or used by the cat in spots as a convenient scratch pad. And the bathrooms. Well, let’s just not go there. It’s common sense that any new flooring will probably look better than what you currently have, but there are certain flooring types and brands that will enhance the value of your home.

Just like that old beat-up college sweatshirt you love to wear, over the years, you may have become comfortable with the flooring you have. Its wear and tear are almost your family’s testament to a life well-lived. Maybe the kids have gone away to college and you and your spouse are thinking of relocating or downsizing now that you don’t need all that square footage. Maybe your job or even another opportunity out of the area beckons and you need to put your home on the market. Look at your floors again and ask yourself if they’re in a condition that will entice a prospective buyer or send them running.

Hardwood – It Sells Homes

If there are homes on the market in your neighborhood, drop in when the “open house” signs go up and see what type of flooring the seller has installed to get a feel for what flooring entices buyers in your area. Odds are that the common areas – the living and family rooms or great rooms, the hallways and perhaps in the bedroom areas will all be displaying beautiful new hardwood flooring, that’s because most Realtors know that a home with hardwood flooring is more likely to sell more quickly than one without.

Hardwood flooring enhances a home’s value because of its durability over decades, its easy maintenance and when it’s polished it always looks as new as the day it was installed. In fact, most hardwood, if properly cared for may never have to be replaced for the life of the home. There are, of course, new types of hardwood and new, more innovative and elegant ways to set it in place whether creating a herringbone pattern or placing all the planks at the same dynamic angle to really give your home that fresh, more modern designer look. The experts at New York Carpets & Flooring will be happy to show you their extensive line of hardwood samples and, if you’d like, a distinctive new flooring pattern that can upgrade the appearance of your home.

Tile and Waterproof Vinyl – Practical, Smart and Attractive

The kitchen and bathroom floors are typically the most important floors to replace and a priority for all home sellers, primarily because of stains or water damage that may have likely occurred over the years. Using certain types of stone tiles for these areas is not generally advised since the stone surfaces are often porous and can stain easily. The grout between tiles can also darken or stain over time, and depending on the wear and tear, some tiles can actually crack or chip. What you may notice on your home tour is that the flooring in these heavily used areas may have been upgraded to an elegant ceramic tile or even a new waterproof vinyl that has the look and texture of hardwood.

Elegant, Stylish Carpeting – A Warm Welcome Sign for Homebuyers

The bedroom areas, not so used to heavy traffic, may have been upgraded with elegant thick wool carpeting in a woven pattern with a rich interplay of colors. Beautiful carpeting like this is available in endless array of textures and colors from such great brands like Karastan, Anderson Tuftex, Kane Carpet, and Stanton — all available from New York Carpets & Flooring.

Of course, if you have your cell phone handy, snap a few pictures of the new flooring choices you’re looking at, especially if the home on the market is similar or even identical to your own floor plan. After you’ve done your homework, visit newyorkcarpets.com and wander through the online gallery of carpet, hardwood and other flooring treatments or visit the showroom in Anaheim to see and touch the flooring samples in person. New York Carpets & Flooring looks forward to helping you enhance the value of your home!