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Karastan LogoKarastan has been synonymous with quality, beauty and durability for more than 90 years. Inspired by art, nature, interior design and fashion, Karastan rugs and carpets are crafted to be timeless pieces that fit perfectly within your home. With inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship, and long-lasting materials, Karastan is made for a life lived beautifully.

Today, Karastan continues to maintain its leadership position as America’s brand of choice for high-end carpeting and rugs. Stop by our showroom today and get inspired by our full inventory of fine Karastan products.

The Karastan Mill in Eden, NC., still produces beautiful rugs on Axminster looms and woven carpet on Kara-Loc looms. Decades have been spent perfecting processes and innovating new designs and technologies to create comfortably luxurious products. Classic, contemporary and everything in between, Karastan offers exceptional products that create the perfect space in your home.

There is still a place for fine craftsmanship in the modern world, and it is where Karastan carpets and rugs are made. Despite the use of highly advanced technology, much of the work on Karastan products is by the most proven piece of machinery around- the human hand. While machines can do the work, only people can create a work of art. Plus, nothing can replace the human touch looking for a loose stitch or a stray thread. From designer to weaver to inspector, every hand that touches a Karastan product represents someone who takes great pride in their craft.

The fiber is the essence of a carpet. Fiber not only determines the look and feel of a carpet, but also its resilience and durability. Karastan uses only premium quality materials to ensure their carpets and rugs last for generations. Discover the innovation behind their SmartStrand® synthetic fibers, the natural durability of 100% New Zealand wool and the stain resistance of Nylon with Scotchguard™.

Color & Design
Karastan offers woven and tufted carpets with timeless design choices –fresh colors, exquisite patterns, new textures and innovative fibers that will always be perfectly in style. From subtle to bold, elegant to edgy, Karastan products transcend trend, and yet capture it. Inspired by art, nature, interior design and fashion, Karastan designers collect ideas that help customers make their personal statement.