Laminate Flooring

New York Carpets & Flooring

If you’re on a budget and looking to save money, but still want the attractive design of hardwood, tile or stone flooring, then laminate is a great option. At New York Carpets & Flooring, we provide several types of laminate flooring to satisfy each individual’s personal style and home décor preferences. For the realistic appearance and durability of hardwood floors without the cost, look into laminate floors today!

Our wide selection of laminate styles provides our customers with many options that cater to their own personal desires and needs. Because of its incredible benefits, laminate has increasingly become a popular option for flooring. Not only does it have the natural look of hardwood, stone, or tile, but it is also easy to install and is made from sturdy material, protecting your floor from damage in heavy traffic areas. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Our high quality laminate comes in many different styles designed to fit your home! To complete the look you want to achieve choose from:

• Embossed or textured – This style provides a realistic pattern and design of hardwood flooring.

• Smooth finish – This classic style gives flooring the appearance of a glossy hardwood finish.

• Distressed – This lovely style produces a rustic, chic antique effect.

Choosing the type of wood, such as pine, maple, oak, cherry, and more will achieve the impression of real wood, providing a fabulous ambiance for your home. If you are looking into laminate flooring, stop by our store today and one of our experienced professionals will assist you with anything you need, from picking out the perfect design, to installing it in your home.

It’s time to stop settling for boring, ruined, or old flooring. Achieve the beautiful appearance of a designer home that you deserve, with less cost and maintenance! Contact New York Carpets & Flooring today for more information on laminate flooring!