New for 2019 – PERGO EXTREME!

Go figure. Southern California, for the most part, is really a desert region and yet this has been one of the wettest seasons on record with rain occurring almost every other week. That may be great for your lawn, your flowerbeds (and your water bill) but not so great for your home’s flooring. This is the perfect time to go with PERGO® EXTREME™, the newest most durable and waterproof vinyl flooring now available from New York Carpets & Flooring in Anaheim.

New for 2019 – PERGO EXTREME!

For over 35 years, Pergo has been the industry leader in durable laminate flooring and now the engineers and designers at Pergo have just taken the line to a new extreme level with PERGO® EXTREME™. Pergo Extreme features two distinct and amazing collections – Wood Originals and Tile Options – that stunningly and accurately recreate the look of real wood and stone and that are even more durable than ever before.

Over the years, your home’s flooring will take a lot of punishment from pets, kids, party guests, plumbing or slab leaks, household accidents, and from wet weather. It just makes sense then to choose the most durable, dent-resistant, and best waterproof vinyl flooring options now on the market. Unlike other flooring, PERGO EXTREME lets you maintain the fresh, new look of your home for decades to come and New York Carpets & Flooring offers it.

High Performance Runs Deep
The two collections in this new line of extremely durable and intensely waterproof vinyl flooring has the look, protection, and guarantee that consumers have come to expect from the Pergo brand.

Deeper Visuals
The designers and engineers came up with some truly innovative techniques including unique wood-burning techniques to more accurately simulate the look, feel and texture of real, naturally occurring wood.

Deeper Choice of Wood and Stone Styles
New York Carpets & Flooring offers Pergo Extreme in the widest variety of authentic and deep wood and stone textures to choose from. The PERGO EXTREME Wood Originals collection even includes multiple widths and lengths for maximum design versatility.

Deeper Protection
Superior wear layer is extremely durable and dent resistant

Deeper Warranty
Pergo Extreme Warranty, worry free for life — Extreme Dent Resistance, 100% Kid and Pet Proof, 100% Waterproof

Wood Originals Collection
The PERGO EXTREME Wood Originals Collection rigid vinyl flooring features over thirty deep styles featuring authentic texture and intricate detail will simply amaze your family and friends because they won’t believe that they’re not looking at real wood. To achieve this, Pergo engineers developed several innovative and unique texturing methods including wood-burning techniques to produce charred effects resulting in incredibly natural-looking surfaces. In some cases, your flooring will look like actual reclaimed wood even though it’s more durable than wood.

The Wood Originals collection even includes multiple widths and lengths for remodelers and homeowners who want the maximum flexibility to create stunning flooring applications or need to accommodate extremely challenging room designs, floor plans, and spaces.

Tile Options Collection
Many natural stone surfaces look quite elegant – for a time. Unfortunately, the porous texture of stone tends to absorb moisture that can result in stains from spills and accidents. Natural stone surfaces are also susceptible to cracks and chips when heavy items are dropped on them and some stone surfaces just get dry and brittle with age.

The PERGO EXTREME Tile Options collection offers you a wide-range of authentic stone looks and textures but without the drawbacks of natural stone. For example, if you want the rich, elegant look of marble you can have it without the constant worry about cracks, chips, and staining. The flooring options available are especially ideal for those areas in your home – the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms, that are most prone to spills or other harsher punishment, like tracking in mud during the rainy seasons.

Comprised of fifteen gorgeous styles, this eye-catching array of realistic stone floors, the Tile Options collection just like the Wood Originals collection is also available in multiple widths and lengths giving you maximum flexibility to create stunning flooring installations.

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