Urbanfloor – Cascade Series


Cascade Collection – Whitewater

Filled with the subtle character of knots and mineral streaks, the Whitewater’s 7” wide luxury Rigid Core SPC planks are 100% waterproof and stain resistant. A beautiful and understated shade of very light gray and an embossed matte finish, the Whitewater is the ideal canvas for any design style.

SPC is Perfect for Pets
With the Cascade’s strength of construction, you can worry less about scratches and water stains. Both scratch-resistant and waterproof, the Cascade’s durable planks make this floor a great option for households with pets.

SPC is Designed to Last
Cascade is a Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) floor and can be installed in any room – kitchens, bathrooms, and basements alike. With an embossed grain that provides the look and feel of genuine hardwood, the Cascade is as strong as it is beautiful. Designed to absorb impact and resist scratches, the Cascade’s timeless style is matched with an enduring construction

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