Your Endless Hardwood Flooring Options

New York Carpets & Flooring keeps hundreds of types of hardwood flooring in stock from the world’s leading manufacturers — including Shaw Floors® and many others. Here is just a sampling of the hardwood flooring options by species to get you started:

Hickory is a very dense hardwood making it one of the strongest and most shock resistant hardwood flooring options you can choose; in fact, hickory is considered the hardest of hardwood flooring options available.

Hickory is also one of the more versatile options because its color and texture can vary greatly from light, clean and refined to rougher, raw and more natural looking. In fact, we have over 32 styles of hickory hardwood flooring alone. So, whether you’re in need of flooring for a workspace, office, den, bedroom, living room or kitchen there’s sure to be a hickory option best suited for each room.

Graining on Maple hardwood tends to be more subdued and finer than other hardwood options but don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance because it’s also one of the hardest of all North American hardwood species. As a result, it’s an ideal choice for high traffic areas in the home. Maple hardwood flooring is available in color and tones ranging from a pale creamy, white shade to medium and even darker browns. We have some 15 different colors and styles of maple hardwood flooring to choose from.

Ash wood is a lighter-toned wood that presents a clean stage for simpler designed, modern furniture known for its color variation of pale white to medium brown and features more pronounced grain patterns. We carry Ash hardwood flooring in three different shades from light to medium brown from Shaw Floors – Native, Transcendent, and Instinct.

For a warm, rich, dark and bold looking hardwood, consider Walnut, often more specifically referred to as Black Walnut or American Walnut. Like Maple and some other hardwood options, Walnut features a fine-grained texture. Walnut does tend to be slightly softer than some other options, so it may be more suitable to lower traffic areas like dens, offices, libraries, music rooms or home theaters. We have several styles and tones of Walnut available.



Whether American Cherry or the more exotic Brazilian Cherry, we have a number of different styles and color options to consider. Most Cherry hardwoods tend to have a deep reddish-brown tone that is elegant, warm and inviting and complements darker wood furniture — whether ebony or dark cherry. Some cherry planking, depending on the source, the brand and the style will show more variation in color, even with planking that is much lighter with blonde tones to give a space more visual variety and spontaneity.

Oak is typically available in two distinct species – White Oak and Red Oak but within those types are numerous color tones and styles to choose from. We have over 20 different Oak hardwood flooring options that will either show more uniform color, tone and texture — from rustic to refined — or options that will show a greater variance of color and texture from plank to plank, which can make a room more visually intriguing. Oak is always a good choice for high traffic areas and therefore is appropriate for any room in the home.

More Hardwood Flooring Options Available Right Now
For more samples, please look over the hardwood flooring options on this website or visit the New York Carpets & Flooring showroom in Anaheim and let’s get started on transforming your home.

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